50 Percent Discount on two 'lead-in' Hosting Plans

Megan Bennett - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Limited Time Offer - September 2010 New Sign ups

Up to 30 November 2010 you can enjoy 50% discount * for the life of the hosting plan on the following products -

Lead-in Plans

Not all clients initially want the full Business Catalyst Solution, but may be attracted to it in the long term. Lead-in Plans allow you to start on a basic BC plan and seamlessly upgrade in the future.


  Websites $29
 Now $14 mo
Websites Starter $19
 Now $9 mo
Fully fledged content management system Yes Limited
Built in Customer Database Yes No
eCommerce Functionality No No
Email Marketing Functionality No No
Administration Users 1 1
Email Addresses 10 10
Disk Limit 1GB 1GB
Bandwidth 1TB/mo 1TB/mo
Review these prices against full priced hosting opitons

* Reduced price is for the life of the hosting plan.   If you choose to upgrade at any time, the plan cost reverts to full price.
For example if you upgrade from the Website $29 month plan (Special Price currently $14 month), to the Mini Plan the cost would be standard $47 per month.  Any web hosting plan payment made as 1 annual payment attracts an additional 10% discount.

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