Best digital reads and tips for June 2017

Megan Bennett - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Top reading this month include -


Like them or hate them, we all sign them and usually we need them when we are working with others.  I am a big fan of Jason Fried - In 2010, I read his book in 2011 "REWORK", which was a New York Times Best Seller. Jason's published a really simple contract for those in creative - yeah... it's very creative!

New Google Sites

Google continues to extend their offerings online and this month we've seen their new website builder. Like most platforms there's some features that you're going to love and others that will leave you wondering "why????".

Looking at the new builder, it's really quite easy to create a one page website, that will be mobile friendly. But that's it. No more pages. Your branding (colours, logo) can be customised. Add images and incorporate a Google map that highlights your contact details and business hours - a neat integration. Some extra items that would help would be some social sharing buttons and being able to add a call to action button.

From a SEO perspective, it's a little strange that you can't add a custom page title or meta description tag, there's no structured data mark up and you can't add alt tag images. It would be bonus if Google added access to Google Analytics - seems like a no brainer, but then being from the development world, it's easy to understand that it is probably major integration for the platform.

So if you're a start up this may be the answer to saving some start up bucks, but be aware — there are limits. This is one of a number of ways to get your business online without hiring anyone. Google will even allow some custom domains to be added to your site.

Small Business SEO

So what is SEO? If you're a small business owner, SEO another string in your bow you'll need to understand. Search Engine Land have provided this excellent list of answers to common SEO questions.

Home page botch ups?

As Phil Rozek put's it - "It’s a shame so many business owners spend more time chasing shiny new objects than they do nailing the fundamentals." 

Check out Phi'ls post here about the "Top 10 Ways Local Business Owners Botch the All-Important Homepage, and How You Can Get Yours Right".

Google Penalty Checkers

If you've ever had that sinking feeling that you've been affected by some SEO problems on your website and that Google may have slapped you with a penalty here's a comprehensive list of Google Penalty checking tools that will help you make a deeper analysis.  

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