Best Reads and Tips August 2017

Megan Bennett - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Domains - purchasing, renewals - have you been ripped off?

I can't tell you how many clients I have helped though the process of looking at dodgy domain renewals and rip off domain prices in the last 20 years. Make sure you're not paying for overpriced domain renewals.  

We can help you through purchasing a domain name and lower cost renewals.

How to rank no 1 on Google

A regular request and takes a bit to get your head around all you need to understand about ranking on Google's search results.  But there are ways!  Neil Patel's article explains it in depth.

Changes to Google Business Pages

Google have extended their business page offering with a few subtle changes that will start appearing in your listing.  If you have a website url for appointments or contacting your business, you can add this into your Google Business Page listing.   Phil from Local Visibility covers this off well in his article.

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