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Megan Bennett - Sunday, February 03, 2013

In today's electronic world, we're all publishers – Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are some of our biggest free publishing platforms where anyone who’s connected can share text, photos and video. Whether you're an individual or a business on the web, if you want to attract traffic to your website, blog or social media today, you’ll need to be a publisher or what is often called an 'inbound marketer'. If you’re really good as an inbound marketer, your content will help you get found online, build trust and educate your readers and lead them into your website.

One way to increase any website’s prominence on the web is with inbound marketing is through blogging. It’s no big secret in the world of online visibility that website’s that have a blog and use that blog regularly, get up to 55% more traffic than website’s that don’t. Content plays a vital role in every stage of the inbound marketing process on your website, from generating awareness about your company to helping convert leads into real customers.

Blogging will enhance your business. An effective online marketing strategy with consistent, quality content creation builds site content and therefore opens more keyword opportunities for your site to be found through Google and other search engines. 

10 quick blogging tips

  • Create an e-book
  • Create a white paper
  • Write about your products or services
  • Share content from other sites
  • Follow industry news
  • Monitor social conversations so you know what your prospects are talking about
  • Re-purpose existing content from your website
  • Create video content
  • Reviews, top products, look-backs, best of features
  • Audit your existing site content and keep a list of ideas for new content for future writing – relevant, fun, helpful content for your readers.

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