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Quick Tips : Keeping your Visitors

People keep coming back to visit your website because they want to see/watch/read new content, other sites link to yours because the content is compelling. You rise up search engine rankings, new people visit and so the upward spiral goes.  Most people say to .... "But it's just too hard to keep publishing new high quality content".  Try these easy pointers to give you a few ideas for publishing great content and keep those visitor interested -

Keep your content brief and concise
When writing for the web, the tip is to be concise, "web smart" your writing. As a general guide, write about half as much as your would for a standard print publication.  Be unique and write remarkable and compelling content.

Wite Product Reviews
If you have an online store, write a new short objective product review on your most popular prouduct sold this week.

• Customer Interviews, Customer Comments
You've got somebody that loves your product or services and wants to repay you in some way other than just monetarily? Interview them and publish it on your site.  This can be as customer comments, video interviews, or customer testimonials.

• Excerpts and Links
Create links and excerpts to other sites' articles relevant to your visitors.  The web is a never ending resource of information.  Use it to your power - AND always credit or link back to the author or site.  Don't rip off others for their hard work!

Write your own articles offering your own industry expertise on certain topics e.g if you're a Conveyancer you'd want to write a guide to buying and selling real estate.

• News
Write relevant content about industry related news, your new  products, services, changes to your company including achievements, milestones etc.   These types of content deserve great positioning in the form of  announcements on your website.

• Visitor Generated Content
Forums are a way to encouraging your customers to post questions.  But you need to be able to answer answer your customers, moderate the forum and post new forum articles. This quickly build interest in your site. more