Google Personaling your search results

Megan Bennett - Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Google helps you find personal results that are relevant to you. With a single Google search, you can see regular search results, along with all sorts of results that are tailored to you — pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know, and content that’s only visible to you (like private photos from Google+ new window and Picasa new window albums). Personal results are part of Search plus Your World new window, Google’s search experience that blends personal results with universal results, and helps you connect with people you care about.

While this sounds quite reasonable and helpful, do you wonder what impact this has on SEO? 

  • May cause you some grief for SEO if you are trying to see results that someone else may be experiencing
  • Another article with tops: Face-off - 4 Ways to De-personalize Google
  • If you're using a bundle of Google Tools — GMail, Chrome, GooglePlus, well you're leaving digital footprints in a number of areas that can be analysed to tailor results that Google think you want to see.

QUICK TIP: Switching  Off Personal Web Search at Browser Level

Add &pws=0 to the very end of the Google query URL (“ &pws=0 ”).

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