Images for your website or social media

With most of us finding the web such an amazing visual experience, if you're presenting images on your website or social media to your audience, having great images can really improve the user experience and draw others into your website or social media platform. Neil Patel's post from Quicksprout tells us that articles that include images get 94% more total views than articles that don’t.  But where to get great images? This is a question we get asked a lot!  So here's a few links to help you get started.   read more

Flickr - Images for commercial use read more

Wibiya's Web Toolbar ia cool tool for Websites & Blogs

The Wibiya bar is an application platform you can easily install onto your site. Add a large variety of apps that will boost your site’s functionality and reach.
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Free Photo Resizer - Resizes in batches

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Where do I start?

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Need non standard fonts on your website?

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Study the History of Printing

Graphics Atlas read more

Amazing.... The Wilderness Downtown

An interactive film by Chris Milk Featuring "We Used To Wait" Built in HTML5

Best run with Google Chrome read more

Giving Users Some Credit

Jeremy Girard talks about how websites are designed to be used by people of varying backgrounds, educations and technical levels One the challenges we face when designing for the Web is finding a way to create sites and applications that can be accessed by a widely disparate audience while avoiding the pitfall of sacrificing the quality of our work to cater to the dreaded ‘lowest common denominator.’ read more

Designing for the top fold

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