Geeky tools to help with Registrar, DNS and IP's

Sometimes it's necessary to dig into the super nerdy areas of a website to get details like DNS (domain name system details), to understand who your registrar is or to check on IP numbers with your hoster. Here's a a few really easy to use tools to help you navigate this plethoria of numbers and names. These tools come from NIrSoft and are currently at writing of this post, free to download. read more

PDF Tools

Here's some snappy PDF tools for free.  Now there is no excuse to not use one of the worlds most popular document sharing file formats.  Create, Edit and View.  All tools are currently FREE! read more

50 Web Design Secrets

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A list of Social Media Sites

list I found on Wikipedia.   read more

ChartBeat : Real-time Traffic Stats

chartbeat read more

960 Grid System

The 960 Grid System read more

Online Learning

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Keyonary is a tool that will make your daily work easier and that really does offer the benefits it promises. It's a nice little application for finding shortcuts in Windows, Mac OS X, Photoshop and so on. Currently, more than 250 Photoshop shortcuts have been added. Simply type the name of application in the search box, and it spits out a long shortcut list.  Neat! read more