SEO for your website

SEO for your website

  • Wondering why your site is not ranking?
  • Rankings on Google have dropped?
  • Not getting enough traffic?
  • Lost and confused with your website SEO strategy?
  • Paying for overpriced services?
Lost and confused about what you should be doing with your website SEO strategy?  Paying for overpriced services with no idea where it's going?

SEO is vitally important for your website and you need to understand how you can achieve this and get results. Time and time again we get from clients who have invested hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in SEO programs with poor results. Promises and quick fix guarantees!

Results for each and every website are different and there is no such thing as "guaranteed results". Every website owner needs to understand that every niche your site is competing in is VERY different. Comparisons in keyword / keyword phrases are also varied. So, each site will rank differently. Your site may need refining (on page SEO) or your inbound campaign (off page SEO) may need adjusting or event creating if you have not ventured into inbound marketing.

If you find someone who says that can "guarantee results" or "ranking positions", they are not being honest!  Any site SEO is a work-in-progress. Always. Produce results to monitor and then if necessary, adjust your performance.

First stop check-list

  • Can you edit your own website?
  • Have you set a budget for your online marketing?
  • Make a list of keywords and key phrases that you want to rank under?
  • Do you know what people are searching for to find your website products or services right now?
  • Are your keywords and key phrases placed in the correct locations on your web pages?
  • Who are your competitors online?
  • Is your site content up to date?
  • Do you have great content that will invite and attract people to your website?
  • Do you have a blog?

Need more help?

We can manage a review of your website and current ranking and provide a simple but comprehensive report that you can understand where you can make some simple changes for good gains.